By offering good service, a wide range of goods, fast delivery and economical solutions, we will make the best places to eat even better. Arnestad Storkjøkken aims to be the supplier who has "everything" so that our customers can simplify their purchasing routines, and get top service regardless of whether the need is detergent or "fine crystal". We also build kitchens, dishwasher sections and canteens, and can help you with profiling.


We have chemistry for all kinds of cleaning, eco-labeled alternatives and we also run our own chemistry line "Brilliant". At Arnestad Storkjøkken you will also find a large selection of cleaning accessories.


Explore our large selection of packaging for warehouses, kitchens and offices as well as take away products for food and drinks. We also have environment friendly and eco-labeled alternatives. Contact us for profiling. 


Arnestad Storkjøkken delivers kitchen equipment to hotels, restaurants and canteens. Everything from small parts and machines to crockery, tools and furnishings. Contact us for inspection of kitchen and for ordering from Dudson.


We have a large selection of paper, bags and napkins, what your company needs for office, kitchen and table setting. You will also find eco-labeled alternatives. Contact us for profiling. 


We got what your company needs for the office. Everything from first aid equipment, copy paper, pens and cash registers.

Free delivery in Oslo for orders over 3500,-
or pick up directly from our central warehouse at Furuset
Opening hours week 22

Monday 29.05 - closed
Tuesday - Friday - 08:00 - 16:00

Eco-Lighthouse since november 2019
Eco-Lighthouse since november 2019