Many fires in hotels and restaurants start in the kitchen. Open flames, hot cooking surfaces and grease deposits make modern commercial kitchens a major fire hazard. The Buckeye Kitchen Mister is a UL-300 listed and CE marked extinguishing system for commercial kitchens. The system is automatic, but can also be triggered manually and works independently of water or electricity supply.




The system is adapted individually for each kitchen and then installed by an authorized installer. The installer also offers authorized inspection and service in accordance with NFPA 17A and the manufacturer's guidelines. This guarantees that the system's function and safety are maintained in the event of a fire.

Kitchen Mister uses well-proven extinguishing technology and extinguishing agents that quickly and effectively stop the progress of the fire and prevent re-ignition. The extinguishing agent is liquid-based and can be easily washed away if the system has been triggered. 

Kitchen Mister comes in several sizes and is suitable for all types of professional kitchens, both large and small. The capacity is given in flow points, which describe the capacity rather than the amount of extinguishing agent. 

Easy to plan and install
The Kitchen Mister can be installed without the need for pipe installations to the detection cable, manual trigger or gas shut-off valve. In addition, only one bracket for hot-melt ink is needed in each installation. This reduces both installation time and costs.

Kitchen Mister extinguishing nozzles are tested and approved to cover larger applications.
Only one nozzle is needed to cover: 

- Filter bank up to 3.7 meters long. 
- Channel up to 1.2 meters wide.
- 4 heating zones up to 61 x 61 cm.
- 6 heating zones up to 61 x 91 cm.
- Fry up to 61 x 51 cm.
- Large baking trays up to 152 x 76 cm.
- Gas or electric grill up to 91 x 61 cm.



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