8 out of 10 consumers want to live a more environmental friendly life

More and more restaurants, hotels, canteens and commercial kitchens are choosing to become environmentally certified. We can help you with this.

Typical environmental requirements the industry must meet:
  • Ensure efficient use of water - We have ABC-3-part washing system that saves water
  • Ensure efficient source sorting - We have various solutions with set-up of waste bins
  • Prohibition of disposable items in serving - We have porcelain and crockery
  • Strict environmental requirements for disposable items for catering, take away and fast food - We have both eco-labeled and more environmentally friendly disposable items
  • Use of eco-labeled products for daily cleaning, washing dishes and laundry to limit unwanted chemicals - We have Nordic Ecolabelled chemicals and soap
  • Use of a number of eco-labeled products and services - We have eco-labeled products and as a company as a whole we are Miljøfyrtån

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